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Even in this economy while Texas retail stores are reporting major loses and even closing their doors, eSig Marketing is reporting record breaking sales. Why? Because Email Signature Marketing Works! Plus creating E signatures and sharing them is just added profits. So why not start branding your company, products and services by putting a face behind the company? You'll build brand loyalty, increase customer relations and retention, and GREATLY reduce advertising costs.

  • The average person in Texas checks their email 13.1 times per week – the only thing we do more often is brush our teeth
  • eSig Marketing Email marketing reaps 180% higher returns than direct email from Texas business's using text signature lines
  • 80% of eSig Email Signature lines are responded to within 48 hours, as compared to 6 to 8 weeks for traditional direct marketing
  • 72% of small businesses use the Internet for email and customer contact
  • 78% of consumers "look forward" to receiving any type of email from Texas business' they frequent
  • 68% of Texas respondents have made purchases online after receiving email
  • 66% of consumers indicated that receiving an email from an existing business was the best form of customer service they had ever received
  • The odds of selling a product to a new customer in Texas are 15%, whereas the odds of selling a product to an existing customer are 50%
  • Repeat customers in Texas spend 67% more...

eSig Marketing is a Great Opportunity, and fast becoming an extremely popular product, as now more than ever people love the flate of eSignatures and millions of them see and click on them every day.

Just with the growth in population, E Signatures is one product line that there will always be a huge demand for!

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Please select any of the cities below in Texas for more information about eSig Marketing and to find your closest Texas eSig Marketing Sales Associate & Sponsor.
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